Bernard Nandwa

Full stack developer.Somewhere in Nairobi. I'll learn to blog someday.

Highlight Projects

I worked on the as the lead developer from 2014 to 2017.

During my time there the project grew from a one developer project to a team of three developers. From less than 50k users a month to more than a million users a month. From Drupal 7 as the base content management system to a hybrid microservices architecture.

I learnt a lot on Drupal,Laravel and Nodejs in my stint here and also got a lot of lessons on company administration and leadership.


UN Environment

I have worked with the web development team at UN Environment since 2017.

My roles here have mostly been on the infrastructure side and application development for handling data and other mundane system tasks.

During that period we have gone through a significant shift with regard to developer productivity and improving application delivery. The infrastructure I have helped build supports over 10 different websites that the organization manages.

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Commerce Mpesa

This is a module for Drupal 7 commerce platform.

I built it to work with Pesapal's API back in 2014 and I am in the process of porting it to the new API provided by safaricom and also to work with the Symfony based Drupal 8.

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About Me

I am fullstack developer living and working out of Nairobi.

For the last 7+ years I have been working around web and mobile development stacks in different capacities.

Two of my most rewarding experiences to date have been with me working as a project lead for and as a consultant for UN Environment

My favorite development stack remains to be PHP/Nginx/MySQL with Symfony, Laravel and Drupal being the three things am quite good at in the PHP world.
I am quite handy with building frontends; VueJS being m favorite tooling at the moment.
I do pack up some skills picked up along the way; Python for doing weird things with text,MongoDB for managing large datasets, ElasticSearch and Apache Solr for content indexing, NodeJS/Express for building quick customizable apps...and the list goes on.

I've been around the Linux ecosystem since discovering Puppy Linux way back in '09. My experience in real world production setups have been with Debian and Centos.

My big ambition right now is to grow more in the developer productivity space. To help developers achieve their goals without losing focus to tinker endlessly with infrastructure and third party services.

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